Back to Coda

I’m fickle, and after swicthing to Sublime Text 2 just a week or so ago, I’m already missing some things that only Coda had. Even sticking with something for a week is like an eternity for me, so I’ve given it a good shot. I’ve even ended up paying for it, so that is surely a sign that it is a good product. But for me, being able to see the remote server whilst working on the local all in one window without using a separate FTP client is bigger deal than I had expected.

So, I back on Coda. I’m not deleting Sublime, and I’ll keep it as my back up editor and try out new features as they become available. All I can say is, I really looking forward to Coda 2!

No sooner have I written this post, Panic’s Coda 2 has now been announced!

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