Introducing 30 before 30

30-before-30During the next 12 months, leading up to my 30th birthday, I will be undertaking 30 challenges designed to broaden my experience of the world and to fill every waking second with interesting, stimulating activities.

Approaching 30 causes most people to evaluate their lives, what they’ve achieved and how they’ll progress into later life. From my own experience, I feel I’m leaving a relative lull in activity over the last couple of years and these challenges will drag me kicking and screaming into my 30s. In a good way!

I’ve created a progress page where I’ll document how I’m doing with all my challenges and I’ll post blog updates much more regularly detailing specific achievements throughout the year. The list isn’t quite complete but I hope to have a clear idea of all the challenges by the end of July. I’m under no illusion that some things will be a challenge too far for me, but I’m going to give my all to each of them.

Just a few of the challenges:

  • Cook 30 meals outdoors
  • Watch 30 classic films
  • Participate in a mud run
  • Take 30 astro-photographs
  • read the whole list

I’d like to take this opportunity to reach out to anyone who reads this blog for any final suggestions that I could add to my challenge list as well as any ideas to help me complete specific challenges (e.g. your suggestions for classic films I could watch would be greatly appreciated)

Keep checking the progress page over the next few weeks as I’ll be updating it with more information about each challenge as well as the challenges I’m soon to add.

Wish me luck!

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