Inventory/Stock manager application
April 2013

I built a bespoke inventory system for Yum Crumbs to manage their stock of ingredients and track how much stock was required to make certain cakes and other products.

– Based on the Blueprint PHP framework.
– Built with USB barcode scanners in mind to make it quick and easy to add new stock to the system
– Suitable for any business that takes components/ingredients and creates something from them
– Notifications when stock is running low
– Estimated cost of products based on calculated averages from components

Telescope Schedules application
April 2013

An application that takes scheduling data from various sources for space-based telescopes and lays them out in an easy to read timeline for comparison of schedules by researchers.

– Open source
– Based on the Blueprint PHP framework and D3.js for the visualisation
– Developed as part of the NASA space apps challenge & received a honourable mention!
Blog post about the development
– Demo available at

Basic real-time chat application
March 2013

A real-time chat application that makes use of long polling for instant messaging. Built on the Blueprint PHP framework and mongoDB.

– Open source
– Very fast – uses long polling technique to return messages
– Demo available at

Wedding Ideas
June 2011 to June 2013

Wedding Ideas is a site aimed at brides and grooms looking for services for their special day.

We partner with local businesses and connect the two so that both business and brides/grooms are satisfied with the sale/purchase

– Wedding industry enquiry generation website
– Custom build and backend management system
– Tightly integrated with Paypal recurring billing
– Custom WordPress design and integration with rest of the site

Blueprint PHP Framework
February 2012 to Present

– Open-source lightweight PHP MVC framework
– Fully namespaced
– Easy to manage dependency system
– Built to PSR-0 standard for autoloading of classes
– Highly flexible

Content Builder

– Advanced content spinning algorithm
– Trained content writers to use the system
– Totally unique content output
– Very quickly write content for many thousands of pages

The Green Village
January 2008 to Present

– Environmental blog about green issues
– Built on WordPress
– Custom theme and plugins
– Green company directory + Paypal payment integration


– Integration with and Facebook
– Takes users ‘liked’ band pages on Facebook and uses API to show when those bands are gigging and where

Content feed API

– key based API to access to randomised content based on the page it is to be displayed upon
– very fast
– generate unique content but always return the same content for given key

Hotel comparison system

– Implemented on
– AJAX system to show hotels on a map based on filters specified by user
– Filters include, price (low and high), star rating, holiday type, facilities etc
– Availability system based on data provided by late rooms

Fuzzy link Ad system

– Decentralised Advertising system
– Push text-link ads to sites without the need for FTP
– Customisable appearance of ad blocks

Small office terminal server + thin clients

– Set up Linux Ubuntu + LTSP
– Multiple user login from any machine on the network
– Locked down functions that users may use to harm the system

Small office PBX

– Built PBX server using Asterisk + Linux Ubuntu
– Handles incoming/outgoing calls using Skype Connect
– Message recording application to record out of office messages etc
– Dial all phones connected to the system
– Call routing based on time of day
– Call transfer and conferencing
– Call listening to another channel

Blueprint Shop

– Custom-built shopping cart with SEO built in
– Multi-dimensional categories
– Products + support for variations
– Import / export functions
– Customer / Order, Invoice management
– Configurable delivery / tax options
– Product search
– Modular payment system

Blueprint Directory

– Highly SEO’d directory software
– Multiple categories and locations
– Can generate millions of unique pages

Local Traders Backend System
October 2009 to October 2016

– Custom CRM
– Track customers, invoices, enquiries, call logs etc
– Sophisticated reporting and bulk actions
– SMS integration

Local Traders website
August 2009 to October 2016

– Tradesmen lead generation website
– SEO optimised
– Custom design
– Has become 1 of the top 4 sites in its niche
– Conversion optimised to generate as many enquires as possible

Hub project management system

– Custom project management system
– Track projects, task, users progress
– Activity feed
– Gantt chart view of tasks by user / project
– Calendar for meetings
– Ticket tracker / manager


– Track links acquired / purchased
– Automated stat generations for links
– Distributed processing of link data
– Analyse competition’s links


– Centralised publishing system
– Control content for many domains from one location
– Push content to sites without FTP

Google rank tracker

– Tracks the ranking of pre-defined key phrases hour by hour
– Sent alerts to email when rankings changed.
– Tracks competitors ranking also for the same key phrases
– Displayed a recommended approach for PPC spend based on organic ranking

Live event chat system

– Was used for poker events
– One admin to approve / remove messages
– Many users can participate in the chat
– Live statistics on the event can be posted by the admin
– Live imagery posted to flickr can be streamed to the app

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