Switching to Sublime Text 2

After a a long stint using Panic’s wonderful Coda (probably about 2 or 3 years now), I was ready for a change. Coda has been my go to editor for pretty much everything from PHP to CSS and it has served me well in many areas. But Coda is getting a bit old now and with no news of a release date for Coda 2 (it seems like I’ve been waiting forever), other editors with new and better features are cropping up all the time.

After looking at a few different editors I have settled on using Sublime Text 2, and believe me – it is sublime! I’ll be honest, I downloaded this about 3 times before I really got into it. When you first open it up, you get the most basic blank screen you can possibly imagine. This is what made me initially think it wasn’t very powerful. Boy was I wrong.

I looked around on the web for some tutorials and found Andrey Tarantsov’s blog post about how he uses Sublime Text 2 as part of his development workflow (well worth a look by the way). It quickly became very apparent that I was missing out! Here is a run down of the features I like the most:

  • Very pretty and easy to read default syntax highlighting colour scheme (you can fully customise this)
  • Very fast to start up. Coda used to take quite a while.
  • Handles big files just fine. Opening large CSV files in Coda used to crash it all the time.
  • Keyboard shortcuts. This application is the KING of keyboard shortcutting. You can do pretty much anything via a shortcut
  • Almost everything is configurable and customisable. It’s a tinkerer’s dream.
  • Extensibility. There are already many plugins written for sublime and it is very easy to write your own too

There are some things I will miss about Coda though. Being able to view the remote server properly is a big one, and I will hold on to Transmit for this purpose. Having a terminal build into Coda was nice too. Having said that, I can already tell, I’m really going to be more productive using sublime Text 2.

Try it out for yourself. It’s free to try but worth every penny the developer is asking for it (Yes it was developed by a single developer!!). It’s available on OS X, Windows and Linux too!

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